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COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources

During this unprecedented shut down, the emotional wellbeing of our children is of great importance. Many children will benefit from increased time with family. While they are home, remember children need safety, security, consistency, structure and routines. It is easy to slip into a “summer schedule.” Sleeping in, going to bed late, excessive unstructured free time and excessive screen time, is not beneficial. 

We recommend maintaining typical weekends. Sleeping in and increased free time on Saturday and Sunday. Monday through Friday, keep regular a bedtime and wake up time. Children should complete their morning routine (use the bathroom, wash hands and face, brush teeth, get dressed). Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at normal times. When possible, I encourage families to eat and have conversations around the table. End the day with a story or simply the words, “sleep well, I love you.” 

Below are some elements you may want to consider including in your child’s schedule.

  • Morning Routine, Bedtime Routine
  • Meals & Snacks
  • CNUSD Distance Learning
  • Chores (if your child does not do chores, this is a great time to teach home basics)
  • Outdoor Play (walks, bike rides, sidewalk chalk, etc.)
  • Center Play (aka choice play; ex: play doh, puzzles, blocks, LEGOS, Dominos, model building)
  • Art (painting, drawing, coloring, quilting, etc.)
  • Music (YouTube has everything from sing along songs to instructional videos teaching children how to play a musical instrument)
  • Crafts (make slime, build a bird house, leaning to knit, etc.)
  • Special Projects (perhaps your family wants to build a shed, paint a room, or plant a garden)
  • Family Game Time (board games and card games)
  • Reading 
  • PE/exercise (football, soccer, T-ball, or learn something new on YouTube like karate, dance, or yoga)
  • Free Time
  • Earned Screen Time!
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